Cast India’s Finest

  • Raveen Gaikwad

    Zumba Instructor

    Sapna Singh

    Model and Actress


    Director of Photography & Film Maker

    Sonali Chikki

    Actress and Model


“A brilliant concept which is fruitful for both – the freshers and the experienced”

Rohit Bhagat

“I believe that Cast India is a fabulous concept in the sense that it provides a platform for budding artists which instills a sense of confidence in them. A great initiative which I hope goes a long way.”

Amey Pandit


  • What exactly is Cast India?

A medium between applicants and recruiters. We bridge the gap between enthusiasts who are seeking work and enthusiasts who are willing to give work.

  • Who can apply?

Anyone and everyone related to the industry. Right from a cameraman to an actor.

  • Why is Cast India helpful?

Simply because you get a chance to get in touch with various other artists who might have the same goals as you. Grow as you collaborate.

  • How authentic is Cast India?

We are an authentic platform. We are mounted on providing talents the desired platform.

  • Am I sure to get a break if I associate with Cast India?

We cannot guarantee that, as a lot depends on your own talents.

We bridge the gap between enthusiasts who are seeking work and who are willing to give work.


Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 16.Maharashtra India

Mobile: +91 9890726666

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