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Friday 11, August 2017, an amazing event presented by Art2 day art gallery with the greatest artists, Arti kirloskar, Bharati Pittre and Snehal Chordia Goyal to tell about their experiences and many different art forms which they encountered in Documenta 14 in Germany which happens in every 5 years & also known as “ museum for 100 days”. There were many different artists with their creativity and amazing art forms.

                One of them was Martha Minujin’s, painter, sculpture artist and performing artist created” the Parthenon of Books”. The Parthenon is made out of forbidden books and the books of authoress who have been persecuted, it was built in Athen’s the reason it was created because under Nazi rule in Germany there were 30 thousand books which were burned thinking that the books were ungerman spirit. The Parthenon is still setting up artist has requested people to donate all the forbidden books.

                 From Montegomery, West Virginia Annie Sprinkie and Beth Stephens who is a porn star, depicted their past life how it was as a sex worker and what all they went through in their life journey, in a form of miniature paintings and poems which were really sensitive. These two girls initiated 7 years project for public quarrying rituals, where they married to the Earth, Sun, Moon, Trees, Rivers and lakes to collaborate with nature love and create mutual & sustainable relationship. The thought behind this art is very interesting as we see in India artist from all these backgrounds are not accepted easily.

                  Another, fascinating art was created by Architecture Hiwa K with the collaboration of product designing students of Kassel. These were vitrified clay pipes, the idea behind of creating this was to depict the poverty and what happens when a Pearson has no longer his own home or shelter to stay, which we see something similar in India, when a Pearson is homeless or there is no shelter they live in these kinds of pipes. These vitrified pipes were meant to be a kind of hotel where there were bed rooms, kitchens, washrooms and also a library where people could come eat, read, cook and stay.

                 There were many more artists with different art forms and new ideas which we could never think off or see something like this before. This shows how things have changed from the past and how art and different art forms have evolved. These artists and their art forms have made us think more than beyond. 

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