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Fashion and Youth

                                                             FASHION AND YOUTH



When we talk about fashion or any fashion trend, the very first thing which struck, our mind is a flash of colour’s, comfort and with a touch of glamour to it. Every human desire’s to look good and feel accepted in the social economic circle, Fashion plays an important part in today’s young youth.

         In this 21st modern era youth are updated with the current fashion trend’s beat clothing, hairstyles, make ups or rather trendy shoes. Their very first inspiration of fashion comes from the Celebrities either from Bollywood or Hollywood. They look up to celebrities for many different reasons. For girls, it is usually for the beauty and the way the female actress dresses and for boys, it is usually muscles and keen fashion sense of famous men that they aspire to have, which means leaving a classy life. As fashion has evolved past decades for some youth fashion not only means keeping up with trends or wearing some designer cloths, for them fashion does not necessarily mean glamour it is more about life and reflection of inner beauty with comfort in it.

          If we look on the other part of it, there are many trends and clothing line which are fashionable yet have a touch of comfort to it. Well, if we see the Indian Fashion designer like Rohit BAL, Sabbhaya Sachi, Ritu kumar and Manish Malhotra there collection is fashionable but there is a comfort given to the clothes, as these designers come from Indian background there is also traditional, touch given to their collections. As India is rich with different types of culture there are many cloths which are inspired by Indian culture such as Chikankari work, crewel, traditional weaves, bandhani prints and zardos which are constantly used by our Indian Fashion designers in there indo – Western clothing Young youth can choose from the best of East and West as Indian designers are inspired by both Indian and Western style.

             In India, Fashion is a big umbrella where there is a whole range of clothing for traditional wedding ceremonies, parties, casuals and also for sports. T- Shirts, jeans and various kinds of casual cloths which are known to be the trend setter of fashion in India. Today new fashion trends are giving confident to young youth and inspire them to think & do what they want but on the other hand there are some negative effects which are affecting them. In order to achieve the current style statement of the celebs, they start, Spending their money to buy new clothes as soon the new trend come in, ends up in big loss of money and heavy financial burden on the parents. To fit into skin tight dresses, girls often start dieting which can cause bad effect on their body and mind.

              Like every coin as two faces, similarly effect of, Fashion on youth both positive and negative, but if we compare the past and the present fashion trends there are lots of changes which we could see over the decades. Youth have started looking at fashion with, different mind-set, not only in India, but also the world has seen the changes in fashion statements for both women and men.

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