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Black and white era

Whenever I heard the word “Black and White Movies”, my subconscious mind shows me the pictures of movies in the decade of 50’s. Even though I did not get an honour to feel the real existence of black and white movies, I still could watch all the movies and songs that had been recorded and shoot in black and white colour technology, thanks to the advanced technology that has arisen in these days. But you can only watch those movies now on the internet, but you cannot take the full joy of it as you are habitat to the colours movies of this modern and advanced age. Some people might have found these movies boring and outdated. But true cine lover can tell you the real magic of Black era.

Black and white era was known as a Golden Era. The reason behind this was pretty obvious. The film styles back then were simple as a dimple, and clean as a slate. Storylines had its own tender touch of Indian society back then. No violence, no action, not steamy romance as compared to today’s films. But despite all of the things movies from the golden era still feel like a real gold in our hand. Veteran actors like “The showman Raj Kapoor”,” Nargis Dutta”,”Dilip Kumar” and Dev Anand actually invented the phrase “Sweet but simple” by their innocent acting. As India was recently got a freedom, movies were also depicted the situation in India. Black and white mean only two colours (and no other colours) that were used to create a movie, but we could still see the different colours of a real acting acted by the actors and actresses of that time. It was the prime time of Bollywood.


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