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A Lure of youth towards the vocational courses.

 Education in these days has become the most significant facet in India. There are much more courses existed than the states in India. We see this age as a most educated age of Indian history. Each and every advance educational programme runs by different institutions of an India. Every year numerous numbers of Grads are passed out from different colleges. But then what they do after?

According to the article of “The Times of India” dated 14th August 2017, MBA graduates in India are facing arduous problems to get a job. The survey says that one in every two of MBAs in India fails to get a job. Stats also show that the class of 2016 saw 75,658 students get jobs on campus. But there is no clarity on what happened to the equally large number of those who signed up for the courses in 3080 colleges spread across India.

Let’s consider an MBA course for consideration. The MBA programme is considered to be a fanciest and lucrative course in India, those who want to be the successful businessman or someone who really wants to imprint their crafts in management, usually choose an MBA as a pavement. There are so many big B-Schools like IIM which conduct an MBA course. But this approach can be deceptive for some people. Many enrolled for an MBA just because they see it as a money-making machine, or someone does it because their parents told them, or many joined MBA to get a White Collar respect. But are these the real reasons for working? Of course not, unless and until you are passionate about it.

But there are some youngsters or even middle-aged persons, who are stuck in the wrong place from the yore time. Their passion might be something else and they are doing something else. Passion is what they have missed out on. These folks may know what they actually wanted to do in their life but never got a chance to fulfil their passionate dream or may never show courage to justify their passion. These people surely are regretting their decision somewhere. For instance, a guy who works at IT company from past 2 years, and may now realise that singing is the sea, which he always sees. Sometimes these want to be out of box thinkers might be reluctant to jump out the box for the obvious reasons.

But this is where Cast India comes into the picture. Cast India is a platform for the aspiring artist, where all kinds of artists are welcome gladly. Cast India will help the astonishing talented aspiring artist who really wants to build their milestone in the creative field. Cast India will help all the ambitious applicants to cope up with the recruiter in the field of an art. Cast India offers its service to all artists including actor, model, singer, cinematographer, photographer, editor, writer etc. All you need to do is, just visit our website www.castindia.in and register yourself as a recruiter or applicant.





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