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Unorthodox stays out of the box.

Work of yours always engraves your identity. The identity which will remain with you till you breathe your last. Work can be anything but you must know what your instinct has to say about the work. In India, there are many domains where you could work wonders. Evidently, you have to be educationally eligible to get into some of those domains. This is what our Indian education system believes in so. Having knowledge about your knowledge of interest can take you one step closer to the road of your dream. The sometimes deceptiveness of your dream can become the thorn in your road of dreams and can lead to you in the sea of unknown. Beware what you are wishing for, and attire a shoe which will walk to your aspiration.

I, myself caught in the same kind of quandary. As a child, I had a very ordinary personality, I wasn’t good at studies, not even in the sports, and definitely, I wasn’t good at charm and talkative act. Still, I survived the schooling. I choose commerce stream when I got into the college. Despite being passed out 10th with very poor grades, I had a chance to select science stream. But I still decided to choose commerce stream knowing that I was awful at science and maths in school. I think that was the first right decision that I took in my entire life. Nobody forced me to do any particular studies. That was a great thing about my parents, they have always told me that do anything you want to but whatever it is that you do, do it with the passion with honesty. No work has the highest dignity than your dignify approach of work. But blaming no one, I ended up being a postgraduate from an IT. I never see myself as a software developer. Despite this fact, I have worked in the IT industry for almost two years.

While working, I have always tried to get out of it, but the circumstances weren’t allowing me to do so. Finally, I got a chance to show my unorthodoxy-ness when I had to leave my job due to my personal problems. Later, I was unemployed for the six months. Each day of those six months was like a judgment day for me. I often used to panic as days passed and I couldn’t find a job. Although I kept trying, success always remains inch short from me. The night time was crucial to not to study and watch movies. I always used to watch movies at night. Gradually I started realizing my potential for writing while watching movies. I started shrewdly observing every tiny detail in the content of the movies and thought to give myself a chance in the area of writing. I tied the knot of preparation very tight, and I decided to release it only after I put my step into a sea of writing. I also started to apply for the job opportunities in writing (specifically content writing). I made my cushion a driver seat and made my laptop a windshield and started my journey towards my favourite destination known as writing. As a total rookie in the field of writing, I never been entertained by any recruiter. Some of them gave me an opportunity to get into it but still, I couldn’t reach the level of their expectations. Again I started drowning in the pond of sorrow and depression. I even thought to get back at my old job, but another side of mind kept telling me that don’t give up on your dream, keep striving, learn to fall in love with the odds, and I decided to go with my instincts. Up until that moment, my approach towards getting a job was quite emotional. Then I altered my approach a little bit. I started thinking practically and analyzed my problem. As I knew, I am not getting a job in writing due to so many factors. So I decided to go for an internship for a content writing. I dug into some information related to an internship. God bless internet system that I found the portal named “Internshala” which was a perfect podium for a guy like me. I have applied for so many companies, but “Cast India” turned out to be a real saviour for me. Cast India recognized my potential, my hunger for the writing, and hired me as an intern. I am very thankful to the Cast India for giving me the spot in their family. Today I have completed one month here at Cast India. I have learned so many things in this one month I have also experienced a new culture at Cast India. I must say, my hard work and my worship for work brought happy colours in my life. As the old Indian proverb “While the house God is an injustice not” I have literally experienced the power of this proverb.

All I want to say that, you should break your silence of your dream. Think and jump outside the box to achieve your dream. Be unorthodoxy.  


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