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Kala Kollective – The True Art Collective

We, as art seekers, are always in search of a place where art is worshiped beyond everything. Well, you’re in for a treat – we found ‘Kala Kollective’! When we reached the location, we were amazed, as they had shaped their studio with a superior interior, it was simply exquisite. When you gaze at those beautiful interiors, "Wow" is the first word that your mouth would want to enunciate. We were there to interview the founder of “Kala Kollective”, there was a workshop which was about to take place, so, we decided to take a tour of the entire place.

Have you ever thought of designing a wall with paintball? If you were to give it a thought, it would look beyond this world. That’s what they must have imagined as they had tinted the entire wall with different colours of paintball. The entire wall obscured the vibes of being the true souvenir of art. The tower full of iced tea might not be the part of the interior, but iced tea would surely calm us, soothe our thirst while we were there. The next catchy thing that lured our attention was the Rubik’s cube, which, were hanging on the ceiling and the lights that were incorporated in the cube, enhanced the beauty altogether. Furniture revived our feelings of comfort-ness and cozy-ness. But here, we witnessed the furniture play a different role, as all the furniture’s assets were uplifting another definition of an interior. The cushions were engraved with various fancy texts and designs. Even the small table was designed with meaningful words and hen pictures. The shelf of books was also designed in a very beautiful way and the catalog of books must have been feeling fortunate, as it consisted of rare and hard to find books. There were two adjacent studios - on the ground floor, on the left-hand side was a studio for keyboards, and towards the right, there was a studio for drums respectively. Those rooms were like the galaxy of art, where they accommodated the sculptures of frogs with different instruments in their hands. The frogs gave a feeling of being the guardians of the galaxy. That was just the ground floor. Then, we continued our quest to the first floor, where real magic was waiting for us. As we were climbed up the steps, we saw beautiful glass walls, which were painted with hands-free drawing. That was another element of surprise for us. There were two studios upstairs for guitar, violin, and table, the interior for all the studios being different.          

Extremely talented artists - Yash Jain and Janu Bafna collaborated and came up with the idea of “Kala Kollective” where people can come and enjoy the art that interested them. Found in March 2017, this art podium was where they started working on the inception of ideas, and after two months they were ready to go with the executions. It’s commendable, how they have achieved so many things in such a short span of time.

If your mind is wishing to create a magical piece of art, then “Kala Kollective” is always there to guide and shape the art that is embedded in you.

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