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Some unknown facts about amusement roller coaster “Hera Pheri”.

Priyadarshan directed "Hera Pheri" which was released on 31st March 2000, really turned out to be a cult changing movie for the comedy genre. The legendary trio Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal flaunted different sides and shades of humour through this epic comedy.

Do you know, if it wasn’t for Firoz Nadiadwala’s lucrative perception, this chaotically hilarious movie wouldn’t even exist? Yes, that’s right, Nadiadwala was planning to sail somewhere else, but destiny had its own plan, where he landed on the magical island, “Hera Pheri”.


Let’s look at some unknown facts which were responsible for the birth of Hera Pheri.  

It was a Sanjay Dutt in a full “Raftaar”, but Sunil Shetty who was riding his luck. 

Originally, Firoz Nadiadwala was about to make an action film “Raftaar”, for which he even signed Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Paresh Rawal, and Tabu. However, due to some creative differences with Firoz, Sanjay Dutt walked out from the film. Then Sunil Shetty confirmed his entry in the film.

Raftaar raves out and Hera Pheri raves in

After finalizing the actors, shooting of Raftaar had started. After first scheduled, Nadiadwala realized Bollywood trend which had a very less importance of an action film, and it would be difficult for him to recover from the loss, if film wouldn’t do well at the box office. Imagining the dark days, he wrapped up the shoot of Raftaar. But wrapping the film wasn’t enough for him since all the actors have locked themselves in his movie. This was where “Ramji Rao Speaking” came to the rescue. Nadiadwala acquired a copyright of the Malayalam hit from 1989, and decided to create a remake of it with the name “Hera Pheri”. Rest is the history.

But trouble kept pursuing Hera Pheri and team.

After all these ups and down in the process of Hera Pheri, the team thought of having some breathing room, but unfortunately, anxiety kept shadowing them. Nadiadwala felt that the audience wouldn't be so interested in the conventional appeal of the movie. This nostalgia led him to shoot a couple of songs in Dubai. That is why “Jab Bhi Koi Hasina” song which was picturized on Akshay Kumar, would give you a little unorthodoxy vibe, as it was shot in Dubai.                                                                                 After movie stormed in on the box office, it was like the coolest volcano ever, as it didn’t open well at box office initially. Thanks to some positive wordsmiths those were neighbouring the film, resulted in the success of the film.

But, what if Nadiadwala didn’t change his mind of shifting from Raftaar to Hera Pheri? What if Sanjay Dutt was still his first choice? It’s hard to imagine the outcome of this scenario. But one thing is for sure, whatever happened, happened for good. Else, we would have missed this amazing amusement roller coaster of comedy.


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