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Secret facts about Secret Superstar

Attaining the potentials to see your dreams articulate your life is something which everyone cannot attire. Such rare case scenario has portrayed by the very talented director Mr Advait Chandan in his recently successfully running movie Secret Superstar. Secret Superstar currently overwhelmingly dodging on box office. Another attention seeking element of this movie is the wacky and eccentric look of Aamir Khan. Even Zaira Wasim, who played Insia also acted like a pro. Everything has perfectly and suavely met up.

Like other movies, this movie also has the less known and unfamiliar facts. Without wasting any further time, let's reveal the secret facts about Secret Superstar. 

1 Unconventional look of an unconventional artist.

Aamir Khan is famous for choosiness about his role and the look in the movie. This movie also wasn’t an exception. For the role of Shakti Kumar, who is a bit quirky and weird, he developed his look by growing weird hairstyle, beard, and moustache. He even tried the beard style on every crew member including the director himself to see how that beard style would look like. It’s the same pattern with different creative dimensions which he uses every time he does any movie. He even learned music from prestigious music composers like Anu Malik and Nadeem Saify to perfect his role of music composer in the movie.

2 The Sexy Baliye facet.

It’s not the first time that Aamir is playing the character who is revolving around music. But this time Aamir’s character Shakti Kumar is vibrantly wild. If you have watched his song Sexy Baliye, then you must have acknowledged his new bovine yet elegant character. But very few know that the Sexy Baliye had choreographed by Sanya Malhotra who had also worked with Aamir in Dangal. Seems like, Aamir has already started fetching multitasking from his co-actors.

3 Another perfectionist growing under the shadow of the perfectionist.

Zaira Wasim seems to be acquiring the potentials of Aamir, as she had learned how to play the guitar to justify the role of Insia. She had also studied the life of singers, how they perform on stage. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Zaira will become the next perfectionist.

4 Even Aamir had to wait on the gate of the movie till he got the green signal.

Yes, you heard it right. The maker of the film had taken the audition of Aamir Khan to check whether he fits the role of Shakti Kumar or not. Very seldom you hear these kinds of stuff, isn’t it?

5 The debutant Advait Chandan

It is Advait Chandan’s debut film as a director. Before, he was a manager of Aamir Khan. if you are wondering who is the writer of this fantastically uplifting movie? Yes, you guessed it right, its non-other than the director himself.

 These are the disguised facts about Secret Superstar. I hope you like it.

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